Dirt Defence Filter

Dirt defence filter

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  • Dirt Defence Filter (DDO) are designed for the efficient and continuous removal of solids such as rust, sand and other particulates from aviation fuels.

    FAUDI Aviation DDO-Type filter elements are primarily used in the filtration of mobile into-plane refueling. FAUDI Aviation Dirt Defence Filters are an economical and reliable alternative to filter monitor elements and its associated SAP* (Super Absorbent Polymer) problem. They are specially designed for retrofitting in a filter monitor vessels. The Dirt Defence Filter shall be used in conjunction with an EI 1598 electronic water sensor, e.g. AFGUARD®

    Technical data:

    • Datasheet 2"
    • Datasheet 6"
    • Qualification: EI 1599 2nd Edition
    • Nominal filtration: According to EI 1599 2nd Edition
    • Flow direction: Out-to-in
    • Changeout differential pressure: 1.5 bar (22 psi)
    • Service time (max.): 60 months (Manufacturer recommendation)
    • Storage time (max.): 60 months (Manufacturer recommendation)
    • Operating temperature: -30 °C (-22 °F) / Max. 80° C (176° F)

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