Robot tự hành AMR Corgi

Robot tự hành amr corgi

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  • Corgi is an industrial class laser / QR code navigation light indoor mobile robot, supporting a maximum load of 100kg.

    The accuracy of laser repetitive positioning can reach ± 5mm. Corgi's ultra-small size supports channel operation within 600mm and maximizes site utilization; the vehicle body passes the ROSH test, which can be applied to work in class100 level dust-free workshop; it can operate continuously for more than 10 hours, and the automatic charging function can guarantee 24 / 7 continuous production operation and improve operation efficiency.

    More flexible movement

    It is specially designed for the mobile operation in the narrow and crowded environment in the industrial scene. It is compact, compact and flexible, and can easily pass through the narrow channel of 600mm. Based on the hybrid positioning and navigation technology of laser slam, the indoor repeated positioning accuracy of ± 5mm is realized, and various devices are effectively docked.


    Easier deployment

    Automatic map building without scene modification. It has a variety of application modules and general standard interfaces, and directly connects to the enterprise MES / WMS information system without customized development.

    More intelligent control

    The latest generation of mobile robot distributed control system, which can switch between single machine and multi machine scheduling freely, supports the upper task execution and data acquisition of multi axis manipulator.


    Safer protection

    Equipped with lidar, 3D vision and other sensors, intelligent detection and identification of obstacles, active avoidance. Meet the requirements of various industrial scenarios to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation.


    More powerful scheduling

    Intelligent division of work scenarios, automatic switching of work modes in different scenarios, dynamic task allocation, intelligent traffic control. It supports real-time monitoring of 100 robots in the same scene.


    Richer expansion

    By carrying different load transport module, jacking module, mechanical arm, pan tilt camera, gas sensor and other accessories, it is easy to cope with light mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, storage logistics, security inspection.


    More permanent work

    The industry-leading battery management system design supports automatic charging, manual charging and fast power change. The robot can return to the work site in 30s at the fastest, meeting the requirements of 7 x 24 hours of continuous operation.

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