Isoil vega 3

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VEGA 3 is a calculator -indicating device intended to be used in measuring systems for liquids other than water (MID MI-005).

Multiple streams management: up to n°6 measuring systems – loading arms.
Multiple meters management: up to n°12 meters in total, up to n°4 meters per measuring system – loading arm.
Multiple products management: up to n°16 products in total, up to n°4 products per meter.

Flow management:

  • free flow (not interruptible measuring system)
  • flow and batch controlled (interruptible measuring system)

Measuring system – loading arm configuration:

  • single meter
  • differential (n°2 meters)
  • sequential blending
  • ratio blending (up to n°4 meters)
  • side-stream blending (up to n°4 meters)

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