Elaflex aircraft refuelling hose

Elaflex aircraft refuelling hose

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Elaflex HD-C is a soft wall textile reinforced hose, and is approved by the major oil companies and air forces. It is recommended for all aircraft refuelling applications including reel hoses, platform (deck) hoses, hydrant dispenser inlet hoses, and fueller loading hoses


Aircraft refuelling hose, ISO 1825 (EN1361) type C and EI1529 7th Edition, German Military Standard VG95955 Type D, TRbF 131.2, NFPA 407, AS2683


Black NBR (Nitrile) smooth bore seamless fuel resistant tube. Two off synthetic textile reinforcing braids with non metalic ultra conductive intermediate layer. CR Neoprene black semi conductive abrasion, oil and weather resistant cover.


Electrical resistance less than 1000 Ohms per metre

Working temperature minus 30 degC to plus 70 degC

Working pressure 20 Bar

Test Pressure 40 Bar

Burst pressure greater than 80 Bar