WALLGUARD - cảm biến gắn tường

Wallguard - cảm biến gắn tường

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    • Technology :Sensor cable
    • Range :250 meters
    • Alarm OUT:Dry contact
    • Applications:Warehouses - Logistic depots - Data centers


    Wallguard has been specifically developed for the protection of sensitive buildings and boundary walls that could be breached by means of breakthrough attempts. This solution results very effective against nuisance alarms that could be caused by environmental factors (wildlife activities, harsh weather conditions) as well as nearby heavy movements typical of industrial areas. Wallguard operates by means of a sensor cable (FLEXCBVB) that can be mounted on walls or drowned in it remaining completely invisible to the human eye. The sensor cable is then connected every 250m to an Analysis Unit (FLCENKITVB) mounted in a IP65 external box equipped with built-in power supply. An additional 250m zone (reaching 500m protection within 1 connection point) can be set up by adding a second analysis unit FLCENAN.

    NO sensitive zones (equal to 10% of the installed sensor cable) can be created in proximity to doors/gates by adding special Junction units connected with standard RG59 cable. Wallguard detection principle is based on sensor vibration analysis able to properly filter nuisances which could be caused by nearby heavy track movements, thunders or any animal activitie


    • FLCENKITVB: Single zone analysis unit (IP65 box)
    • FLCENAN: Additional analysis unit (250m zone)
    • FLEXCBVB: Sensor cable (100m or 250m coils)
    • FLEXTR: Termination unit
    • FLEXCN: Junction unit between FLEXCBVB and CVIRG59
    • FLFVB200: Cable wall mounting ties


    • Product code: FLCENKITVB
    • Power supply: 12VDC
    • Consumption: 5mA
    • Working temperature: -40°C / +80°C
    • Max umidity at 35°C: 98%
    • Alarm output: Dry Contact
    • Tamper output: Dry Contact
    • Housing dimensions (mm): 90 x 146 x 45  (l x h x d)
    • Housing: IP65
    • Weight (approx): 5,0 Kg.
    • Product code: FLEXCBVB
    • Max cable lengh: 250 mt. per evaluation unit
    • Section diameter: 11 mm.
    • Cut-short  circuit  detection: Yes
    • FLEXTR Impedence: 220 KOhm
    • FLEXTR-FLEXCN Dimensions: 42 x 53 x 27 mm

    Download datasheet: Sicurit-Wallguard

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