Sicurflex - cảm biến hàng rào

Sicurflex - cảm biến hàng rào

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    Sensor Cable Fence Protection System

    • Technology :Vibro and Tribo sensor cable
    • Range :500 mt. per unit
    • Alarm OUT:Relay Contact
    • Applications:Industrial, Governmental, Residential

    The SICURFLEX perimeter protection system provides reliable and cost effective solution for protecting properties from unauthorised intrusions.

    Developed for the recent demand for cost-effective solutions for the protection of solar parks as well as photovoltaic frames, SICURFLEX can be employed in many different applications and can be installed on any type of fence available on the market.


    The system operates by means of a sensor cable (FLEXCB), which is mounted all along a perimeter fence (or photovoltaic frame): An electrical signal in response to movement or deformation of the cable will generate, within the desired threshold level, an alarm condition.

    sicurflex cable section

    Download datasheet: Sicurit-SicurFlex

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