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    Analogue Dual Technology Barriers

    • Technology :IR Beams or Dual Technology
    • Range :150/100 mt.
    • Alarm OUT:Contact relay
    • Applications:Industrial, Residential

    The EKO series, which includes IR beam barriers with range up to 150m and Dual Technology barriers with range up to 100m, represents Sicurit’s further commitment to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective factory pre-assembled multiple beam barriers equipped with a simple and intuitive main control board for customized detection with different levels of security.


    Assembled in rugged extruded aluminium columns (TX + RX units) and polycarbonate front-covers with an unobtrusive design, EKO series has been developed especially for small-medium size industrial and residential applications that require high performance under all weather conditions (especially IMRDT version in critical environments affected by thick fog), basic remote control and simple integration into conventional control panels.


    • Infrared beam and Dual Technology versions available
    • Adjustable response time (40ms – 500ms)
    • Alarm Time Window for Multiple beams or Technologies (IR + MW for IMRDT version)
    • Remote individual IR beams or Technologies enable/disable function
    • Alarm selection for single IR beam, adjacent IR Beams or twins-IR beams
    • Possibility to inhibit alarm against IR beam disqualification
    • Easy IR beam alignment through built-in 2-Digit Display
    • Internal humidity control
    • SYNC wires not required
    • Internal Plug&Play mechanical construction


    Because of its combination of technologies, IMRDT100 is a unique active barrier offering a very high level of security even under conditions of thick fog, heavy rain, strong snowfalls and sandstorms all of which tend to trigger false alarms or unreliable performances when only IR technology is used. Infrared and Microwave Technology combined in one unit, using a special “AND” logic function, not only enhance detection capability but even drastically reduces false alarm rates (FAR). The Microwave is the technology that functions as the “Activator” because, in most cases, it is activated first. Since the two sensors will not detect an intrusion precisely at the same time the system has been designed to generate an alarm only when Infrared Technology confirms Microwave detection (Pre-Alarm, ed.) in a pre-selected time interval.


    IMRIR series is an active infrared barrier that offers high performance and reduced installation costs. The brand new main control board allows different configurations according to site and environmental requirements ensuring high detection capability. IMRIR can be mounted either on ground or wall and columns can be painted to reduce visual environmental impact. To avoid disqualification during big snow falls or sand storms the bottom IR beam (or any) can be remotely disabled through analogue commands.

    Download datasheet: SicuritEKO

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